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  • 2023

St Nicholas Early Education

St Nicholas supports and partners with families to nurture and inspire children and young people as they develop the skills to flourish at home, in care, and in communities.

Beech Agency was tasked with creating a new website for St Nicholas Early Education that would effectively showcase and integrate their three main service offerings: Early Education, Out of School Hours (OOSH) care, and Pathways education programs. The goal was to provide a cohesive and user-friendly online platform that would cater to the diverse needs of parents, students, and staff alike.


Our designers and developers worked closely with St Nicholas Early Education to understand their brand identity, target audience, and specific requirements. Through a collaborative process, they crafted a visually appealing and intuitive website design that seamlessly blended the three service offerings while maintaining a consistent brand experience.


Leveraging the power and flexibility of WordPress, Beech Agency built a robust and scalable website that allowed multiple users to easily publish and manage content. This feature empowered St Nicholas Early Education’s staff to keep the website updated with the latest news, events, and program information, ensuring that visitors always had access to the most current and accurate information.

The new website not only provided a comprehensive overview of St Nicholas Early Education’s services but also incorporated interactive features, such as online enrollment forms, parent portals, and resource libraries. These functionalities streamlined communication and enhanced the overall experience for families, making it easier for them to access important information and engage with the school community.

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