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Help Fight Famine

In 2022, Beech joined advocacy group Micah Australia to create a campaign identity and animation for the Help Fight Famine campaign, which aimed to raise awareness about the urgent crisis of 50 million people facing famine due to conflict in Ukraine and drought in the Horn of Africa. The campaign also highlighted how this crisis was affecting even developed countries like Australia, where food prices were skyrocketing as a result of the conflict.

The campaign creative and animation needed to convey the gravity of the situation, with a stark and sobering message that this was not just another world hunger story, but an urgent crisis that could kill more people annually than the entire COVID-19 pandemic. Our work was instrumental in spreading the campaign online and in political circles, as the striking visuals and animation helped to capture the attention of audiences and drive home the need for urgent action.

As a result of our efforts, the Help Fight Famine campaign was able to raise awareness about the crisis and generate significant support for aid efforts in affected communities and countries. The campaign’s message was spread widely online and in political circles, and helped to galvanize support for efforts to address the crisis. Overall, our work played a crucial role in helping to raise awareness about the crisis and generate support for aid efforts, which ultimately helped to save lives and alleviate suffering in affected communities.

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