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In 2019 we partnered with Compassion Australia to launch a campaign to bring help to those most in need. The campaign centered around HIV affected communities in Africa and raised over $1.7 million dollars.

The story behind the campaign focussed on HIV affected individuals from Kenya. Due the heavy nature of the subject, the faces of the children could not be shown in the campaign design–a notable departure from Compassion’s traditional imagery.

To keep the focus on the individual and highlight the loneliness of their plight, we had to ensure the campaign remained image heavy and the subject isolated where possible. Black and white imagery, paired with a bold campaign mark and hand-rendered type helped reflect the sense of rawness and vulnerability from the story.

The campaign was successfully rolled out across print and digital before end of financial year and raised over $1.7 million.

“I have found it a joy to work with Beech. It’s not just that you encounter competent people, but that they work in collaboration with you, take a personal interest in you and that rare combination of professionalism and fun. I commend Beech very highly.”

Tim Hanna
(Former) CEO, Compassion

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