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Catholic Diocese

The Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle engaged Beech to design and develop a system for building websites for 12 different schools in our region. This was a large-scale project that involved creating a flexible content management system and gathering content from numerous stakeholders across the 12 school communities over the course of 12 months.

As part of our solution we created templates and guides for each school to populate with their specific content, imagery, PDFs, and any other documents or multimedia files. We then worked closely with representatives from each school to review the content, ensure it met branding and accessibility standards, and provide feedback before implementation.

Managing all the stakeholders and keeping each school’s process on schedule was critical. We utilised project management tools and scheduled regular check-ins to assess status and identify any potential blockers.

Each school had a dedicated point person that we trained on how to use the CMS and content entry process. We also created documentation, tutorial videos, and guidance on best practices for content creation, messaging, and marketing.

Through a well-executed content strategy, flexible CMS, and stakeholder coordination, we have been successfully launching 12 new cohesive and on-brand websites for the Catholic Diocese. This system continues to serve the schools’ needs for marketing, communications, and community engagement.

To handle the unique needs of 12 individual school websites that needed to maintain a cohesive brand and design, we built a custom content management system. This allowed us to create a master design template that could be efficiently replicated across each of the 12 sites.

The CMS provided an easy-to-use interface for the school administrators to login and manage their specific content areas like news, events, staff directories, and any other custom content types needed. This flexible system made rolling out 12 sites much more streamlined compared to building one-off websites.

With so many stakeholders involved across the 12 schools, gathering all the content was a major undertaking. We developed a detailed content collection process and audit to ensure nothing was missed.

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